Two sisters looking for fresh perspectives. Moms. Writers. Askers of uncomfortable questions. Our boundaries are a bit soft! We aim to better ourselves and the world we love through art and philosophy, humour and great conversations with our podcast guests.

Rebecca Davey is a multi-hyphenate artist, having worked as a writer-creator-producer-actor for over a decade. Her current brain child is Ceres Productions, which fills its expanding creative universe with diverse projects big and small. She brings an unstoppable curiosity and joie de vivre.

Natalie Davey is a teacher and writer who helps to cast the Reframeables’ narrative net a little wider. With a PhD in education and a past life as a prison literacy teacher, she brings a social equity perspective to issues that need thoughtful exploration from diverse angles.

So… come here for the reframing, the conversations, the sisterly connection and leave with a fresh perspective.

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Rebecca Davey

Creator, Producer, Podcaster @Reframeables, Eavesdropper, She/Her.

Natalie Davey

Educator | Learner | Creator